Because Knowledge is power
Attorney Elizabeth Martin founded WomensLaw.org in 2000 alongside a group of dreamers: lawyers, teachers, advocates, and web designers who believed that the power of the internet could deliver state-specific legal information and resources to survivors. Two decades later, more than two million users visit WomensLaw each year for free, easy-to-understand help and hope.

In addition to our free legal information, each year, approximately 5,000 survivors and their loved ones use our WomensLaw Email Hotline for to have their questions answers by our team of legal experts in either English and Spanish. When the legal system seems overwhelming, inaccessible, and unaffordable, the Email Hotline provides a free lifeline and support so a survivor does not need to navigate the legal landscape without help.

Over the years, WomensLaw evolved with emerging technology to make legal information accessible to more people, including creating a mobile-friendly site, producing several legal information vlogs, and now Online Information Clinics (OICs). These OICs provide survivors with a 20-minute video about restraining orders or other topics and then gives them the ability chat with a WomensLaw attorney in real time to ask questions about their own legal situation.

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support. The information that you have provided is extremely valuable to me. Thanks for being available to me when no one else was.

 – WomensLaw Email Hotline User, July 2020

In these difficult times, where victims are navigating a pandemic on top of their other needs, this free legal resource is urgently needed. As one Email Hotline user expressed: “Thank you so much for your reply. And thank you for addressing all my questions in such detail. In these desperate times, your help means lot. I will be forever grateful to you for this.” June 2020

While so many things remain uncertain right now, we know that survivors will still need support long after the pandemic is over.

We need your help to ensure that we’ll always be here to help them, no matter what.