Safety Net

Over the years, we have seen the increase of technology used to harass, stalk, and monitor survivors. Technology-facilitated abuse has moved from threatening voicemails on cassette answering machines, to harassment in online chat rooms, to monitoring through smart-home devices. The technology has evolved, but the behaviors remain the same.
Founded in July 2000 by Cindy Southworth, our Safety Net team is commemorating twenty years of addressing the intersection of domestic violence and technology. We work every day to ensure that:
  • Programs and advocates know how to harness technology safely, appropriately, and effectively.
  • Victims and survivors are empowered to use technology to decrease isolation, increase support, and stay connected to friends and family in a safe and meaningful way.
  • Abusive partners are held accountable if they misuse technology to stalk, harass, or harm.
Technology is a part of every person’s life, and when survivors use technology, they deserve to be able to use it safely, rather than being forced offline. By providing support and guidance to victim service providers and centering the voices of all survivors, the Safety Net Project works to meet the needs of the field at this intersection. The team supports NNEDV’s member coalitions, local programs, law enforcement, court personnel, and more to increase their capacity in supporting survivors.
Our annual Technology Summit brings together advocates, tech industry leaders, legal professionals, and practitioners from around the world to learn about the latest trends while also remembering our core principles of advocacy around technology misuse.

 While technology is ever-evolving, the misuse of technology by abusive partners is still prevalent for many survivors. Survivors have the right to technology, and they should be able to use it without fear of abuse.

Our Safety Net team is always working to keep the field up-to-date on how technology is impacting the safety, privacy, accessibility, and civil rights of victims. Technology will always be changing, but our values remain the same. Your support ensures our team can keep working to make technology safe, inclusive, and accessible for every survivor as we continue to do our part to end violence for all.