Independence Project

Financial abuse is one of the most common forms of domestic violence—as well as one of the least understood. When an abuser uses finances as a tool of harm and control, it can make it almost impossible for a survivor to safely or easily leave the relationship and support themselves and their children.
One example of financial abuse that many survivors experience is ruined credit. Overspending on credit cards, preventing access to lines of credit, sabotaging a partner’s employment so they are unable to pay their bills—all of these abusive actions can damage someone’s credit score and prevent them from qualifying for a loan, securing safe housing, obtaining a new job, or even purchasing essential goods and services.
That’s where our Independence Project comes in. Through the project, survivors can apply for a $100 no-fee, no-interest loan and pay it off at just $10 each month over 10 months. Our team handles payment tracking and reporting to the three major credit bureaus, helping survivors boost their credit scores—not to mention, a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

Nearly every survivor of domestic violence has experienced financial abuse. We’re committed to helping them on their path to credit repair and financial well-being, ultimately reducing the barriers to economic long-term security.

On average, survivors who successfully pay off their Independence Project loan increase their credit scores by 25 points, bringing them closer to their financial goals and to safely rebuilding their lives after surviving domestic violence. Can you help our team keep this life-saving project going?