Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Join the National Network to End Domestic Violence in calling awareness to domestic violence.  Participate in our monthlong activities, follow our #31n31 campaign on social media, join us virtually for a week of action, and help us create a world where domestic violence no longer exists.

Days to Take Action

Get Updates on our Monthly Challenges and Days of Action:

Week of Action: 10/18/20 - 10/24/20

Week of Action
NNEDV is dedicated to raising awareness around domestic violence – but we need your help to turn that awareness into action. Join us for seven days of putting our knowledge into practice. Whether it’s online or off, work you do on your own or in your community, taking time for the Week of Action helps us grow a community of people who are dedicated to ending violence in all its forms. Are you with us? 
Share Love Sunday
 We’re celebrating #ShareLoveSunday and we want you to join us for some craftivism. Grab some chalk for the sidewalk, a dry erase marker for a window, or even just a pencil and paper, and find a place to write an empowering message!
If you want to snap a picture and show us what you’ve done to share love this Sunday, we would LOVE to see it! 
Make It Monday
This work is hard, and it’s so important to #ConnectTheDots between self-care and strength—allowing time for creative expression, laughter, and joy. Schedule some time today for a self-care break with our coloring pages and other printables. 
And, if you’ve taken up any new crafts or creative projects during quarantine, we want to see! Take some time to show off your fresh loaf of sourdough, or that scarf you just finished knitting. Tell us all about it. 
Talk About It Tuesday
Words matter. Especially in a movement committed to justice and equity.
For #TalkAboutItTuesday during this #DVAM Week of Action, we want to know: how are you making sure that your vocabulary is respectful and inclusive? Maybe you’re reminding yourself to share your pronouns when you meet someone new, or maybe you’ve finally broken your habit of saying that one word you learned was hurtful. 
Award Wednesday
Join us in celebrating all of the advocates, local programs, friends, family members, and other folks who support survivors each and every day.
We need your help to #ConnectTheDots between showing gratitude for each other, and strengthening our work to end domestic violence. Tag someone who has made a difference in your life and let them know.
Purple Thursday
Show off your purple with a selfie, filter, or new profile pic! Join the domestic violence movement in this annual tradition of honoring how hard we all have worked to shed light on domestic violence, reduce stigma, advocate for survivors, and work for greater safety and equity.
Find It Friday
When we talk about domestic violence, we talk a lot about power and control—but we know that inequality doesn’t just happen in the context of abuse. It’s so important to #ConnectTheDots between injustice on a smaller scale, and the big, structural injustices that so many people are facing in our world today.
For #FindItFriday, we want to know: where do you find imbalances of power and control in your community, or in the stories and media you consume, or even in the news you watch and read? And, if you’re comfortable sharing: what are YOU doing to dismantle them and create a safer, more equitable world?
 Share It Saturday
Time to #ConnectTheDots between what we’ve learned and practiced this week, and how we’re going to go out in the world and continue to make a difference for survivors.
Share on social: what did you learn this week? What are you committed to doing today, tomorrow, and the next day to create a better world